teca sikiri


How many female fronted heavy metal bands do you know?
Teca Sikiri is already in the Top 20 of Metal Bands for Amsterdam according to Reberbnation ranking after only one year of existence.


The band is a rock/metal band based in The Netherlands. It came to existence in February of 2012, after Jose Luis Espinoza Vazquez, Gabriela Espinoza Vazquez and Rob Bulk joined forces to make music together.

Gabriela made a return to the music scene after a break. She started playing acoustic music again and created a music act called Ramon is gone. Later on, joined Cyclops, a hard rock cover band and played in other bands since then, like Purple Spirit and Storung; Industrial metal band.

Jose Luis studied classic guitar in The conservatory of Las Rosas in Mexico. He has participated in several music acts; from classic guitar ensembles to versatile cover bands, tribute bands, solo projects and Heavy metal bands such as Cirrosis.

Rob Bulk has been in the metal scene in Boskoop for a while, playing in bands such as Detox and Dark Days Sanity. Rob acceded to make a demo together with Gabriela at the end of 2011, when they were still playing together with Storung.

In June 2012, with the help of drummer Matthieu Boer (The Sin Committee), Teca Sikiri recorded a four song Demo CD at Knight Area's recording studios.
In August they started auditions for a drummer and in September 7, Piotr Szczepaniak joined the band.

In August 2013 Piotr leaves the band.

Actual LINE UP:
Jose Luis Espinoza Vazquez, on the lead guitar and backing vocals
Tera Volts, on the second guitar and lead vocals.
Rob Bulk, on the bass guitar
Currently looking for a drummer.

We consider our music to be within the limits of the heavy metal genre, but we prefer to use resources of other ramifications in rock and remain versatile. We like groove metal, glam metal, speed metal, thrash metal, punk, hardcore punk, death metal, rock and roll, blues, alternative metal and progressive.
Bands that represent an influence in our music can be: Metallica, Alice in Chanins, Megadeath, Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura, Danzig, Motorhead, Def Leppard, La Cuca, Cynic, Meshuggah, Nirvana, Pain of Salvation, Black Sabbath, Freak kitchen, White Zombie, Fear Factory, Machine head, Joe Satriani, Van Halen, and others.

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