GEVST is the firm of the multidisciplinary artist Gabriela Espinoza Vazquez.

On this website you will find information about the musical acts Cielo Bocanegra, Teca Sikiri, Tera Volts.

To see some of the paintings of our collection go to the tab Paintings.

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In the 20 year anniversary of OT301; Gevst art exhibition at dePeper from November 14 to January 31st 2020.

Overtoom 301 in Amsterdam, NL. at the OT301 starting at 18:00 hrs.


Cielo Bocanegra is available now for parties and events. Visit Cielo in her new fan page on Facebook!

The first album of Tera Volts "Black Hole" is out! -Get it here


We appreciate your support.


Past events:

Cielo Bocanegra at DIA DE MUERTOS, Sabor Sabor  November 2nd. 2019, 20:00-22:30 hrs. In Rotterdam.

Gevst paintings exhibited on 26 and 27 October 2019  in Theetuin/Bamboelabyrint "Het Nirwana" in The Kwakel at Steenwycklaan 16, 1424NL De Kwakel. Time: 12:00-17:00 hours. For more information about the art exhibition click Qua Kunst en Ambacht De Kwakel

Tera Volts's live show on Dec 1st. 2018 in Concord CA was great. Our time in California gave us more than sunshine: the production and release of Tv’s first album and the first live show.

We leave Tim, Alex and Sean behind with pain in our hearts. We are greatful with their contribution and wish them the best with their current musical projects.





"Through the creative process we work on our own philosophy, try new paradigms, make reflections of life and reflections of human relations. Nothing could be better than creation itself.

Cognitive and emotional elements can be read trough music, paint, literature, video, sculpture, and many other ways. Art is a way of comunication: artists explore it"