Cielo Bocanegra

Cielo Bocanegra sings traditional and Mexican folk music with her guitar. Is the mexican embassador of the pop en folk music in The Netherlands.

You can get Cielo Bocanegra to sing at your private mexican-themed parties small and medium size. If you are latin american and you miss the tunes from your homeland, Cielo will play them for you to sing along. If you just like the latino flavour and look for quiet music in Spanish, this is also something for you.

There are three modalities:

- Informal, casual wear. Solo performance and a repertoir tailored to your preferences. For private parties.

- Formal, regional folk wear, folk, solo performance of traditional and or mariachi music. For events

- Cielo Bocanegra singing with a quartet or a whole mariachi, Formal, orquestral performance with regional folk wear.     For events.


With the experience of playing in folk bands back in Mexico, Gevst is able to offer a wide range of musical rhythms of native Latin American origin. The repertoire includes Mexican Folk, Mariachi, Rancheras, Corridos (levenslied) nortenias, Sones, Huapangos, Pop songs, Ballades, Boleros, South-american Folk: Huaynos, sayas, caporales, Canto Nuevo: Silvio Rodriguez, Fernando Delgadillo, cumbias, rock and popular songs in English.

I am adding constantly songs to the repertoire, but for an idea click on the button below.







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