How did I come to music?

Well, it's just that many in the family play an instrument!

I come from a family of musicians: the brothers of my grandma had a band...they say. After this generation brothers and sisters went for other professions. Still many of them remained with love for music and became a habit in the family to learn to play the piano. Although some of us went for the guitar or the drums.

After my father, that would sing and play his guitar in every friend or family reunion I became interested in learning to play the guitar as well. So when I learned the basics myself, went to take a classic guitar course at a local Institut. And soon began to play songs by ear, and by note and even compose some songs.

I started going to the local gigs together with my brother,  where they played everything from ska, punk, heavy metal, speed metal,  thrash and death. In that time, with Humberto Garcia and German Mendieta started a heavy rock band called Existencia. I sang and wrote our songs.This band coulnd't go further than our garage but shortly afterwards I joined the band Aglareth with some other friends: Charlie-cannibal, Ariel and Tony. We managed to perform once before we split up.

I met the band Aires and Khenany in Obregon, at ITSON (Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora) and got introduced to the southamerican folk music. I liked it, and when I studied in Monterrey I came in contact with folkoric bands such as El Tigre. I joined this band from the University of Nuevo Leon and played with them for about a  year. There I learned to play the clarinet among many other things.

During this time I joined the main Choir at the Cathedral Metropolitan of Monterrey and sang as well as played the clarinet with its camera orquestra under the direction and arrangements of Serafin.

After this I played with other folk-bands, including a Mariachi  and Siembra Mestiza: a band that played folkloric and traditional music from Mexico and South America. Together with Isaac Perez a violinist, started playing sones huastecos for parties and events in the city of Monterrey. We named our duo Flor Mexica.

In October 1995: We had in the Visual Arts Faculty a singing contest and I decided to participate. I joined the reunions where the "musicians" of the school were preparing for the event. It was an exiting time, full of bohemian nights, beers and music. My song didn't make it to the finals but the one of a friend did and it was there where I merged with Antonio Hernandez (now known from El Gran Silencio) to make the second vocals and an arrangement with the kena for his song: "Soy nuevo aqui".

For personal reasons I moved to Hermosillo, Sonora. I started there as soloist to play at a local restaurant canto nuevo (trova), american folk, rock ballads, boleros and other popular mexican music.

I brought this idea to the Netherlands and decided to call it Ramon is gone. This act has been performed in : "In een dag de wereld rond", Wereldfestival (Amsterdam, 16 september 2006); a Benefit Concert in de Begijnhof, Amsterdam in 2009; in Het oude spoorhuis restaurant in Uithoorn in May 2010; in Centro Latinoamericano de Orientacion in Eindhoven in May 2011. And in many other places since then.

I have been member of hard rock cover band Cyclops as gitarist and lead singer and have been also the singer of Indutrial metal band STORUNG.

In 2012 together with Jose Luis Espinoza and Rob Bulk created the band Teca Sikiri. We recorded a demo, which is on our Facebook fan page and went from gig to gig for a year and a half.

Now I am busy with Tera Volts, which is a heavy metal solo project. Slave, the debut single has been published. My first music publication! Which makes me very proud. I invite you to check it out, and if you like it, support the act. You find the links in the Links section and more about it in the submenu.

I hope you have enjoyed the story. Thanks for your attention and....

I hope to see you soon on a show!

Kind regards,

Gabriela Espinoza Vazquez